Centos 6.2 Net Install vs Minimal Install

The other day, I was asked to set up Zabbix monitor system for a client. Quickly checked up, it runs well in Centos – my favour Linux. Let us get started.

I always prefer to use latest version of Centos, as the date of this article, Centos 6.2 just came out.

To avoid big download bandwidth to the client’s office, I was looking two options: 1, Centos 6.2 Minimal  2, Centos 6.2 Net Install

You can find both versions for download in here: (ISO)


Centos 6.2 Minimal Installation

The ISO only 200+MB. With this ISO, you can install a very very basic running Centos system, not even the base tools. You are mostly like need to ‘yum groupinstall base’ after system boots up. I would go this option, but I don’t want to waste too much time wondering which packages are missing and reinstalling them.

PS. During the installation, you won’t be asked to choose packages to install. You can only install more packages with Yum after.

Centos 6.2 Net Installation

ISO is 100+MB. You will need network for sure. During installation, it will ask you to config the network (or just DHCP). You will also need to put in the Centos 6.2 online images: [Your nearest Centos image mirror]/centos/6.2/os/i386/

The installation took me a while and you will be asked to choose couple of installation types: Desktop, Minimal, Basic Server …. For the difference, please see this link: CentOS 6 “Default” Installation Options

I chose “Basic Server”. After installation, the whole system is about 1.5G.

Hope this would help some one with the Centos 6 installation.

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  1. Thanks. This is one of the only decent articles I could find online that clearly explains the differences between Minimal vs. Net installation Thanks.

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