Set up an Amazon Ubuntu server to run Zend Framework PHP Web Application

First of all, I am new to Ubuntu.

I am a Centos fan for last couple of years, but have heard of Ubuntu is a great system too, especially user friendly.

Today, one client asked me to rebuild a Amazon server for his Zend Framework PHP Web Application dut to its current stability issue. (Amazon Linux seems to have issue with MySQL which causes MySQL memory issue randomly). I figured it is a good time for me to try Ubuntu.

First, start up a new Amazon micro instance with Ubuntu LTS (LTS seems to be more stable and long term support).

Install Zend Server 6.0 Community Edition

Zend Server CE has made the installation so easy for us.

  1. SSH to server
  2. download Zend Server (DEB/RPM Installer Script)
  3. Unzip it and run the install script as root:
    ./ 5.3     or    ./ 5.4  if you need 5.4 version PHP
  4. Simply ‘y’ when prompt
  5. Done – navigate to http://<server ip> you will see “It works”
Install MySQL
  1. apt-get install mysql-server
  2. Please be noted the default MySQL sock is in here: /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

Install phpMyAdmin

  1. Navigate to http://<server ip>:10081 and set up the Zend Server
  2. Deploy Application
  3. Follow this link to download phpMyAdmin package and install it via Zend Server
  4. Well, you may want to disable the auto login for security reason, change auth_type to http in this file:

Set up FTP

  1. Follow this link

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